Emergency Button: Best Life Alert & Wearable Technology For Seniors

Best Emergency Button For Elderly

Everyone can have medical emergencies, but the elderly are particularly susceptible to these occurrences’ immediate and long-term impacts. 

To keep an older person safe from accidents, it is only sometimes practical for a caregiver to stay with them at all times. The next best thing to guaranteeing your loved one access to emergency preparedness round-the-clock is a wearable emergency button for older people.

As a result, you might require an emergency call button to request assistance in hazardous circumstances. Users can send alerts using such a panic button via an app or other wearable safety device when something endangers their lives.

Find out more below about the functions and justifications for using an emergency call button.

What is an Emergency Call Button?

The software you can put on your mobile or wearable device to deliver immediate panic warnings with a GPS location is called an emergency call button

The only requirements for using them are installing, configuring, and purchasing an app and subscription. The button will also make it possible for anyone who picks up the phone to call 911 in an emergency without entering a PIN or lock pattern.

How to use an  Emergency Call Button?

First off, you can instruct it to reach out to certain groups of people during emergencies. They include loved ones, close friends, call centers, and 911. 

For instance, suppose you don’t always have the opportunity to care for your elderly mother who needs medical attention.

You will receive a personal call or notification if something happens. No need to send a message or look up your name in contacts. The app automatically sends alerts.

Some emergency call buttons that are sold separately have additional physical characteristics.

A loud siren will draw attention and either prompt people to assist you as an emergency response to scare off robbers if you are hurt or assaulted. The benefits of selecting emergency call buttons go beyond just those.

Reasons Why Elderly People Can Benefit from Emergency Buttons

Everyone can have medical emergencies, but the elderly are particularly susceptible to these occurrences’ immediate and long-term impacts. 

To keep an older person safe from accidents that may cause old age problems, it is only sometimes practical for a caregiver to stay with them at all times. The next best thing to guarantee your loved one has access to emergency care is a wearable emergency button for older people.

Here are some of the benefits of having an emergency button for seniors in their daily lives.

  • Emergency alert button helps thousands of seniors receive much-needed assistance.
  • Due to physical decline, health issues, and a dwindling peer demographic, the elderly are more likely to experience solitude. 
    • Seniors who spend so much time alone run the risk of being helpless and alone in the event of a medical emergency. Emergency buttons for immobile elderly are essential – especially if they live alone – to deal with any complications that may arise.
  • It is normal for us to require a personal space to call our own as humans. Being able to live freely and have control over one’s daily activities is essential for one’s mental and emotional health. 
    • Participating in activities outside the nursing home is a complicated process for residents. Older people have the choice to live safely and independently in their own homes thanks to the emergency button.
  • Systems that warn of falls can save lives. Senior fall victims, who are unhurt, cannot stand up on their own. It is because even a minor fall could render them immobile. On the other hand, injured fallers have a considerably higher probability of surviving when assistance is sent right away.  

Emergency Call Button Solution Main Types

Here are the main sorts of medical alert systems that emergency call button alternatives for seniors.

Mobile applications

Devices that offer personal safety features come in a wide variety of varieties. There are a ton of them, and we’ve already covered a few of them here. You must download a mobile app if your smartphone lacks this feature. 

Different activities, such as late-night walks or solo travel, are made safer by safety apps. The most dangerous situations are those where we least expect them, like exercising in the park. Apps for emergency call buttons let you send GPS-located quick alerts or set off an alarm in an emergency.

Senior Safety App’s Function

The program is free and is simple to download from Google Play Store. Download it free from the Play Store and install it on your parents’ or a senior relative’s phone.

Set up a few settings that the app needs to have access to. Create the phone numbers you want to reach you in an emergency. You may also set up email addresses if you want to be contacted. The Senior Safety app might access five contacts per account.

You can start using the app immediately after setting up the first configuration. Your online account will get all reports. It will enable you to keep an eye on any problems or emergencies.

How to pick a personal safety app with an emergency call button

  • Consider the circumstances in which you would press the emergency call button. Try recalling instances in which you felt insecure or foresaw dangers.
  • Find out which apps you can use to request assistance in an emergency and what capabilities they must have.
  • Choose an app that has the required functionality. An emergency call button, GPS tracking, and immediate notifications are typically necessary.
  • Choose the person you’ll call in an emergency. You have a choice of numerous connections, including friends or 911, as was already explained.
  • Test the app to ensure it is dependable and won’t let you down when you need it most.

Aspects that make Senior Safety App a compelling choice

Well, the following is a summary of some of the features of the Senior Safety app that are noteworthy in your emergency checklist:

SOS Alerts: The app offers two different alert modes. Your older relative can send an alert to the predetermined phone numbers and email addresses or send an instant message. Its ability to relay the target device’s position makes it more intriguing. 

The phone would ring loudly using the Sound Alarm feature so that anyone close might provide a hand.

Fall Warning: It might be risky for older adults to fall. The fall tracker is a feature of the Senior Safety app. When a fall is detected, the app notifies the user of the situation. The tracker can be set up to deliver notifications and the phone’s location based on the target’s lifestyle.

Inactivity: If the older person you monitor lives alone, configuring the inactivity alert might help you be informed if the device is inactive for an extended period. Each of these alerts includes location information.

Downloadable Applications for Safety App Button for Seniors

With this app, you can easily let your friends know if you require assistance. You can tell them if you are fine, whether you require a companion because you don’t feel secure, and even whether you require assistance by giving them your location.

This program will use GPS technology to broadcast information about your whereabouts automatically, letting your friends know that you have arrived safely at your house. To get through any unpleasant scenario, you will also be able to make up calls.

Clandestine Development produced the LifeLine Response app, which is accessible on iOS and Android devices. This personal security app has GPS that locates users using cell tower triangulation.

Wearable Technology

In addition to smartphone apps, think about a panic button gadget, such as a fashionable bracelet synced with a mobile app. 

They typically cost more and have some restrictions. It is a sensible choice when caring for senior family members and a strong replacement for a medical guardian.

How do wearable devices work?

You can, for instance, purchase a necklace with a secret button to call your loved ones in case of an emergency. Even if the designs vary, most are practical without standing out too much and remaining a natural part of one’s appearance. The panic button on these wearables can send notifications and notify particular contacts of a threat.

Outstanding Medical Alert Systems

The best medical alerts widely available mix form, function, and even style. Check out our top options for medical alert watches below if you’re seeking peace of mind, you can wear them on your wrist.

Medical Guardian’s MGMove

The Medical Guardian MGMove is our preferred smartwatch alert system. Along with step tracking, an easy-to-read touchscreen, and amazing caregiver functions, it also offers two-way communication with the monitoring center.


Mobile seniors are kept safe by GreatCall Lively Wearable. The watch has automatic fall detection, fitness monitoring, and a new battery. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth, making it ideal for seniors with more modern phones.

Medical Alert Plus by WellBe

The WellBe smartwatch alert, available from HandsFree Health, includes a sophisticated design with a high-resolution display and cutting-edge capabilities, including a pedometer, heart monitor, and a well-curated health database.

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Due to advances in healthcare and increased awareness of healthy lifestyle options, especially concerning diet and physical activity, seniors are now living longer, healthier lives. 

Children of elderly relatives, especially those who choose to live independently, cannot help but worry about the welfare of their loved ones. It pays to invest in senior emergency alert systems and safety applications because you can only sometimes be there to watch out for their needs and keep an eye on their safety. Senior alert applications can act as an emergency button for elders, allowing them to contact assistance whenever their wellness or safety is in danger.